Yoga Styles

Hot Yoga

yogafusion Adelaide Hot Yoga

This is yogafusion’s signature class based on The Barkan Method a hatha style of yoga which originates from Calcutta, India.

No, it’s not Bikram yoga.

Each class has a baseline structure but open to variation to keep you challenged, excited and motivated.

Practiced at 36 degrees, this hot style of yoga will strengthen and stretch all areas of your body, improve concentration, which helps to quiet the mind, and nourish the soul. The movements reach deep into the tissue helping to relieve tension and stress whilst the heat allows you to detox, sweat and cleanse. Hot yoga has been known to help with overcoming many physical and emotional problems, such as sciatica, back and neck problems, and even depression.

Beginner friendly

Hot Yoga Flow 32°

yogafusion Adelaide Yoga Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic style of yoga involves flowing from pose to pose with focus on the breath, developing internal heat. Practiced at 32 degrees, this vinyasa style promotes fusion of body with breath, which will strengthen, heal and detoxify your body; it will also develop cardiovascular strength, flexibility, endurance and mental clarity.

Each class is based on the same framework with variation to create mindful awareness both on a physical and mental level. At times qualified assistants are also in the class to enhance your experience of the practice.

Suitable for beginners, especially if you wish to start your practice at a lower temperature.


yogafusion Adelaide Yoga Yin Yoga

A restorative class that targets the connective tissues, ligaments and joints in the body. Yin is not heated & practiced at room temperature where postures (mostly floor based) are held for longer, 3-5 mins & integrating mindfulness, making this a deep nourishing meditative practice.

Yin accesses the deep stale energy stored in the body that over time has become stagnant due to immobile joints.

You will be encouraged to focus deep into your body and feel the different type of sensations of connective tissue stretching. This practice is also great for people who have injuries and want to be careful but still stay connected to a physical practice.

Beginner friendly