The Monkey Mind

  • Kate
  • Sunday 13th February 2022

The Monkey Mind

Learn what to do with your monkey mind


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Monkey mind is a 4 hour workshop designed to explore the inner workings of the mind through then lens of Buddhist philosophy and modern neuroscience. Together we will investigate what thoughts are, how and why they proliferate, what it means to live in thinking vs present moment awareness, and most importantly HOW to tame and befriend your own wild mind.

A trained mind is a happy mind. When we are lost in thinking or stuck in difficult repetitive thought processes we become exhausted and depleted. Learning how to take a break from the thinking mind can be extremely nourishing and restful. We will uncover what your most-played, repetitive thought-streams are, and investigate and befriend the voice of your inner critic.

What’s Included

  • Exploration into your individual inner critic and your most-played tunes
  • Discussion & exploration on what exactly thinking is
  • Understand how to work with mind states and thoughts
  • Exercises to train, tame and befriend your mind
  • Exploring the difference between conceptualising/doing vs experiencing/being
  • Effective asana & breathing practices for quieting the mind
  • Guided relaxation exercises for rest
  • Journal work (journal provided)
  • Afternoon tea

About Kate

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Kate is an Insight Meditation Teacher in the Theravadan Buddhist Lineage, E-RYT500hr Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Retreat Facilitator, and a lifelong student of the Yoga and Buddha Dhamma.

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