Fire Element - Summer Yin Workshop

  • Karen Floyd
  • Friday 4th December 2020

Fire Element - Summer Yin Workshop

Energise Your Soul

Workshop Details

Join Karen for this masterclass which will leave you feeling replenished and energised.

For 2 hours we will explore a yin sequence which will nourish the Heart and Small Intestine Meridian channels. The Masterclass includes a Yin Practise with Yoga Nidra & Singing Bowls

What we'll delve into

Connecting to our Heart Qi and creativity requires us to be quiet. Karen will create a beautiful sacred space for you to connect to your source to tune into your hearts deep wishes and invite your spirit home.

The intention of this masterclass is to create a sacred space for the mind to settle, allowing ourselves to tap into our internal intelligence - the “Heart Qi” - and to replenish our energies.

After the Masterclass we will provide light refreshments


35 (regular) or 30 (concession)

Dedicated Yogi and 12 Month Unlimited members get 10% off regular price.


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