Parayoga Nidra Workshop

  • Andrew
  • Sunday 22nd May 2022

Parayoga Nidra Workshop

Foundations of practice


Empowering the Mind: Consciousness,Creativity & Memory

This 2.5 hour Workshop explores the science and Yoga of the Mind

We will see how the yogic understanding of the Mind explains why we struggle with our perception of the world & how yoga uses this knowledge to free us from these limitations.

Experience a Parayoga Nidra practice to enhance your capacity for creativity & develop improved memory as well as your capacity to process life experiences.

No prior yoga experience required to join in


Learn how Parayoga Nidra differs from the meditative practices - great for those who struggle with sitting practice.

Leave profoundly rested and with access to the guided practice recording for 2 weeks to practice when you need that feeling of rest.


Sunday May 22nd

1pm - 3:30pm

In Studio or Live-stream


  • 60 for the Workshop & Recording
  • 50 for Dedicated Yogis/Concession
  • 40 Live-stream & Recording

*No refunds on workshops

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