Finding Peace and Fulfilment

Time Running Out

Finding Peace and Fulfilment

with Kim Seow

4th August 2024


5-Week Meditation Program


Feeling stressed and unfulfilled seem to be the norm these days for many people. The capacity to find peace and fulfillment come from calming our mind, regulating our emotions and cultivating self-love and compassion. This five-week meditation program starting from Sunday 4th August is curated to empower you to deal with your stressors and transform your life.


Each week you will learn meditation techniques to cultivate equanimity, kindness, compassion and joy in your life. These four qualities are heart practices taught by Buddha to help us deal with our sufferings and dissatisfactions. You will also gain insights into how these practices change our physiology and why they have been proven scientifically to effectively deal with stress, reduce anxiety and improve productivity and relationships.

Practising these meditation techniques over 5 weeks helps to develop the neuropathways for emotional regulation. Participants leave the sessions feeling more grounded and mentally clearer to take on the week ahead.

A recording of the meditation practices taught in the session will be provided so that you can practise during the week.



2.30 - 3.30pm


Sunday, 4th of August


Sunday, 11th of August


Sunday, 18th of August


Sunday, 25th of August


Sunday, 1st of September




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About Kim

Kim Seow, founder of Cittalift is passionate about sharing yoga, meditation practices and evidence based psychological skills that have helped her to overcome adversities.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher and wellbeing trainer, Kim worked as a Chartered Accountant in the area of international tax for multi-national corporations in Singapore, Melbourne and London for 30 years. She understands the stressors that come with being a professional, working in a high-pressured environment while trying to raise a family.

Since practising yoga, meditation and other psychological skills, her life has been transformed to one filled with gratitude, compassion and meaning. She is passionate about guiding her participants to the gateway of mental clarity and self-discovery, to help them live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Kim has taught yoga and meditation to people from all walks of life for over 10 years. Kim is a certified Barkan Method Yoga Teacher Level 1, 2 & 3 and a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, trained by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. She was also the Training Lead and Master Trainer for SAHMRI Be Well Co where she has trained thousands of people on evidence-based psychological and resilience skills for the past 6 years.

As a Training Lead, she was instrumental in developing the Be Well Certified Trainer Program and responsible for training and certifying the first 6 intakes of Be Well Co’s certified trainers.

She brings to her training a blend of Western psychology and Eastern spiritual teachings.

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