Deep Rest

  • Kate Duncan
  • Sunday 7th November 2021

Deep Rest



Deep Rest Mini-Retreat is a four hour retreat designed to reverse the effects of stress and restore your nervous system. The day will consist of guided relaxation, calming exercises, embodied asana, breath work and the highly restorative practice of yoga nidra.

Many of us experience stress without really knowing. This stress depletes our sensitive bodies: leading to illness,
unhappiness or low energy. The practices in this mini retreat are designed to restore the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system responsible for rest, recovery, cell growth and tissue

Deep relaxation is essential for a balanced and healthy body. Deep Rest Mini-Retreat is an opportunity to allow your body, heart and mind to be completely relaxed, restored and refreshed.


Many people report feeling incredible after this retreat. The most common feedback is that guests go home to have the best night's sleep they've had in years. In the words of one of Kate's clients from Sydney... "Kate took me to another place! I always thought I couldn't be calm, but there I was, completely present and completely relaxed at the same time. I went somewhere.... I don't know where... but it was magic" - Rachel Whyte

What's Included

• Exploration into how your body hold's stress and tension
• Guided relaxation exercises
• Discussion & explanation of how the nervous system is involved in stress
• Exercises to calm, ground and refresh your nervous system
• Gentle asana and embodied movement
• Yoga Nidra (deep yogic sleep)
• Afternoon tea


  • 69 for 4 hours of release
  • 59 for Dedicated Yogis and Concession passes
  • 49 Virtual Workshop Online Pass

*no refunds on workshops.


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