Yin and Pin

  • Karen Floyd
  • Sunday 21st March 2021

Yin and Pin

Autumn Equinox Masterclass

Boosting Immunity ready for Autumn!

Gratitude, Letting Go and making way for the New

Autumn Equinox marks the change of season from Late Summer to Autumn (Earth to Metal). Focuses on nourishing the earth element (stomach and spleen) and boosting immunity (Lung & Large Intestine).

Autumn represents the season of change, just as leaves change colour from green to red and begin to fall (letting go) making space for the new, we also feel the change within! Mood of Autumn is of gratitude and sadness. Gratitude for what came to fruition and sadness for what didn’t.

Join Rani & Karen for this amazing workshop


Sunday 21st March 1130am for 2 hour Autumn Equinox boosting immunity preparing for the season to come. Includes 2 hours of Yin Bliss, Acupuncture, and finished with Crystal Sound bowl mediation.


  • 45
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  • Members 10% off

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