Yoga Teacher Training

  • Jimmy Barkan
  • 10th-19th Oct 2019
  • &
  • 21st-30th Nov 2019

Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your knowledge. Share the passion of Yoga.

Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity


You’re training with the best of the best! Learn well, then add your own authenticity and remember to have fun! It’s going to be transformational!!

- Donna D

Soak up all you can! It’s a life changing experience that you’ll never forget!

- Debra A

Great teacher, amazing experience!!! I recommend...

- Augusto A

Life changing and life affirming training. You picked the BEST to learn from. Good luck and welcome to the Barkan family.

- Donna J

Treasure your time there! Learn all you can & study hard!

- Marci C

Breath..Enjoy this beautiful experience and bond of this great family!

- Cathy A

Take me back!!!! I miss our days spent together! What a fantastic training!!!!

- Caprice C

Such an amazing experience! Learning from the best so you can go and expand your practice anywhere!

- Alexandra B

Already 9 years ago I graduated from the Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Forever grateful....

- Zsoka B

Thank you Jimmy Barkan for leading the way to a better Kai. Your leadership, tough love has indeed made me a better man.

- Kai G

This is one of the best things I have done for myself. You are in such a good hands guys. From here on life will be deeper in every level!

- Kolbra B

Relax and enjoy the challenge. Learning with Jimmy can be life changing!

- Frannie V

Have confidence in yourself and allow yourself to enjoy every moment! Congratulations on your decision to train with’ll be so glad you did!!

- Alva C

I completed the Level 2/3 Barkan training with Jimmy in November. The training was intense but delivered in a fun and safe environment. Jimmy has a wealth of experience and knowledge – there’s no substitute to being trained by the man himself!

- Rory L

I had such an incredible week doing Jimmy Barkan's Level 2/3 training last year. Simon and Amy made us all feel so welcome and supported. The quality of teaching, demonstrations and adjustments were fantastic. Body worked hard, head and heart filled to overflowing.

- Deirdre B

The BEST time ever !! Thanks Jimmy-ji for everything !!!!

- Lynn V

Teacher Training is like a snow globe, you have to shake everything up to discover beauty and in the end everything falls into perfect place.

- Marit T

Best decision I ever made in Jimmy’s first training! So many open doors since!

- Melanie C

Hands down best Teacher Training ever. Graduates come out fully prepared to teach with sound knowledge of not just sequences but philosophy and history too. I have yet to see as good graduates from other trainings.

- Sue C

A life changing experience in all the right ways. Started with the intention of just exploring, came out with no doubt that I wanted to teach and have never looked back.

- Simon M

You guys will start a training that will change your life forever!!

- Pedro H

Teacher Training Details

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a Hot Yoga Teacher!

Putting his extensive yoga experience and expertise to work, yogafusion is bringing Jimmy Barkan's Teacher Training to Adelaide, Australia to offer a transformative training experience with his Level I Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher training course. This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is recognised by Yoga Alliance and will give you certification to teach Barkan Method Hot Yoga.

Jimmy Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher Training Amy Group

This yoga teacher training consists of two 10 day modules:

  • 10th - 19th October 2019
  • 21st - 30th November 2019

Both modules will be hosted at yogafusion's home studio in Australia at 14 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia - right next to the Adelaide CBD.

Get in touch today to join us in Adelaide for this once-in-a-lifetime Teacher Training!

Why Train With Jimmy Barkan and yogafusion?

With more than 38 years of teaching experience, Jimmy brings his knowledge and expertise to both up-and-coming and already qualified teachers. Here you will dive in to:

Jimmy Barkan Teacher Training Posture Workshops Adelaide Australia
  • Teaching methods
  • Personal mentoring to find your authentic voice to lead a class
  • Posture workshops
  • Methods to guide your students
  • Body alignment
  • Daily yoga practices
  • Yoga history & philosophy

These make this training course a fully immersive experience that reaches to every aspect of your teaching.

Jimmy Barkan Leading Yoga Teacher Training Class at yogafusion

Jimmy’s interactive approach of teaching goes beyond motivational; with compassion and understanding, Jimmy connects with each of his students on a personal level and offers a unique platform to explore their inherent skills and strengths as a teacher. Jimmy Barkan’s Training is considered the top-rated training in the United States and beyond. There are thousands of students and studio owners worldwide that got their start with The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga.

Come and discover what thousands already know – that The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Training prepares you to be the best yoga teacher you can be!

What's the investment?

Jimmy Barkan and Amy Rutten yoga teacher training Graduation 2
  • Just 4995* to become a full RYT200 Hour Yoga Teacher - recognised by Yoga Alliance
  • 500* deposit to secure your space! (deposit non-refundable)
  • Payment plans available upon request

*All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Videos about the training

(These are from other Jimmy Barkan 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world, but the principles are the same!)

Who should attend this course?

Jimmy Barkan Yoga Teacher Training Group Simon
  • Those wanting to become Yoga Teachers: Ground yourself with a comprehensive course, covering all the different aspects of Yoga - from the physical postures, to it's history; the spiritual and philosophical foundations of our practice, to our sacred lineage; and move from the theoretical to the practical with a solid foundation to share with your students.
  • Anyone with more than 6 months of regular yoga practice: You don't need to be "an Expert Yogi," nor do you have to be able to handstand or do the splits. People are at all levels in every training and having each and every student be at different places in their yoga journey - and having fun - is what makes each course unique.
  • Yogis interested in learning more about the philosophy and history of yoga: Yoga is much more than just physical activity. Here you can explore the spiritual side of yoga; learn about breath work; discuss the ethical and moral foundations of our yoga practice; focus on a daily meditation routine; and more.
  • Yogis keen on improving their practice. Not everybody joins to become a teacher. This training can provide the ability to simply focus on your own practice, as there are both multiple classes each day, but also in-depth workshops examining the poses we learn.
  • Those with an open mind: Go in without any expectation of what the course (or you) "should" be and you might be surprised with what you experience.
  • Anyone who wants to meet others who are also focused on their yoga. Teacher training provides a great opportunity to both meet and share a unique experience with like-minded people.

About Jimmy Barkan

Jimmy Barkan - one of the pioneers of Hot Yoga in the United States - is a Master Yoga Teacher certified by Ghosh’s College of India, Calcutta, India in 1981.

Jimmy Barkan Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training class

Jimmy’s first yoga studio, Yoga College Of India, opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida January 20, 1983. Jimmy has worked with the United State’s top professional athletes throughout the years including members of the NFL, NBA, NHL, The 1997 World Series Champions Florida Marlins and PGA Tour players.

Since 1986, Jimmy has certified over 1500 Hot Yoga Teachers.

Rebranded in 2002 as The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, Jimmy’s Level I Barkan Method Teacher Training programs are based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and held all over the world. In recent years Barkan has trained students in Japan, Iceland, Hungary, Australia, to name a few. Barkan also offers Level II, and III Teacher Training programs throughout the year in Fort Lauderdale and Costa Rica and Australia.

Students can find studios practicing The Barkan Method in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, South America, Thailand, South Africa, Ireland, The United Kingdom and throughout the United States.

Jimmy Barkan has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from New York University. His original dream, to be a singer and actor, is his foundation to help teachers find their own voice and personal expression.

Jimmy’s experience in teaching for over 38 years, along with his experience as a performer on stage, helps him direct trainees to become better communicators and yoga teachers.

Teachers will have a sense of confidence and accomplishment upon completing his training and Jimmy’s unique background creates an experience you will not find elsewhere.

Jimmy has three children, Bobby and Jen Barkan, Sean Barkan and Amy Barkan, one grandson, Max, and lives with his wife Corinne in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. His passion is yoga and teaching students around the world.


Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 200 - Large

Will I be a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher when I graduate?

Yes, after graduating from any Barkan Method Level I Teacher Training, submit your certificate to Yoga Alliance and they will grant you a 200 Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status.

Will the trainings be conducted by Jimmy Barkan?

Jimmy Barkan will conduct most of the training hours. There will also be senior Barkan Teachers Amy Rutten and Simon Michelmore to handle some parts of the course - such as the Anatomy section - and to sometimes instruct and teach classes.

Is the curriculum comprehensive?

Along with learning every posture in the Barkan Method sequence from beginner modifications to advanced amplifications participants will also learn:

  • The History of Yoga - Pre-Classical, Classical and Post-Classical.
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • The Eight Limb Path
  • The Chakra System and how it relates to Hatha Yoga.
  • Study our lineage of Yoga Teachers from Calcutta, India and our Hatha Yoga system.
yogafusion Ganesha yoga philosophy

Will we learn how to teach a yoga class?

One thing that separates The Barkan Method Teacher Trainings is Jimmy Barkan’s ability to harness communication skills leading the future teachers to communicate in their own unique and authentic way! With compassion and insight, Jimmy connects with each of his students on a personal level and offers a unique platform to explore your inherent skills and strengths as a teacher. You’ll be prepared to lead your first Hot Yoga class with confidence and skill!

What separates The Barkan Method Teacher Training programs from others?

Teaching yoga teachers is something we cannot take for granted. There are too many teacher trainings programs out today lead by instructors with limited experience. This is what sets The Barkan Method apart. Jimmy has been practicing since 1980, was the only teacher allowed to certify Bikram Yoga Teachers besides Bikram! Jimmy started his own style of Hot Yoga called The Barkan Method back in 2002 and began his very own Teacher Training program after 22 years of teaching! Barkan has lead over 30 Level I and over 25 Level II/III teacher trainings with well over 1500 graduates who are now teaching all across the world. You will join a global network: There are Barkan Method teachers and studios in: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Vienna, Switzerland, France, England, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, South America, Costa Rica and of course the United States!

Is this the right time for me?

Jimmy Barkan Yoga Teacher Training Morning Meditation

Everyone struggles to find time for themselves - and it is no different when committing to a Teacher Training. Our daily lives are constantly shifting - from financial situations, to our relationships and responsibilities. Making the investment in ourselves to attend a teacher training is to listen to the gentle voice, deep inside that is always striving to grow, learn and transform.

There is never a "right" or "perfect" time. There will always be something on our plate - it’s about creating space for something if it’s what is calling to us.


What to know more? Let us know and one our great yogafusion team will get back to you ASAP